A pancake breakfast is what inspires this company to get out of bed in the morning, we are not in the food service industry. Sorry!


For us our name is reminiscent of family tradition, the feeling of joy and comfort you get from gathering and spending time with loved ones. We don’t offer silver dollars hot off the skillet but we do create products that cater to those cherished family moments and daily rituals around the house.

 Pancake Breakfast was created by furniture maker and designer Shea Crescenzo. His goal was to create a wood goods company that focused primarily on the process of the craft. Shea’s aim was to utilize a small scale production method paired with efficient “low-tech” solutions to foster a healthier low-impact practice. In 2019, he achieved his goal shortly after setting up his own small woodworking studio in Portland, Oregon.

After graduating from college, Shea spent more than five years working in the furniture industry as a woodworker. Living in New York, he created pieces for companies like Uhuru Design, the Asher Israelow Studio and then in Portland he batched out work for The Joinery. More recently he has poured his energy into working with friend and fellow furniture maker Jeffrey Jernstrom. The pair have spent more than a year together researching and working on process development for “low-tech” and pre-industrialized furniture making. Through their experiments and studies Shea found a new fascination and appreciation for the craft, and was heavily influenced by this work when he launched Pancake Breakfast.

 The products PB makes are a direct reflection of the makers respect for the material and his love for the craft. Every piece of wood is different and has documented the life cycle of a tree through visual evidence. As woodworkers we can create a second life for the wood that honors the story of the tree and its charitable existence as a natural resource. This is why we choose to work directly with the material at our workbench using our hands and mind. Approaching the wood in a way that enhances the natural beauty and strength of each individual board in every composition we make.